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as a leader/ co-leader

Greg Loughman RE:Connection - 2021
Man On Land (epon.) - 2019
Greg Loughman Sinistral - 2008
Man On Land Songs of Hope - 2021
Roving Soul Bootleg Baklava - 2011
Iskar (epon.) - 2007
Greg Loughman A Month of Sundays

(spotify playlist from assorted recordings)

Rhythm Future Quartet-

RFQ & Friends (2018)

Travels (2016)

epon. (2014)

John Funkhouser-

Brothers (2018)

Still (2013) 

Time (2009)


Toy Monkey (2018)

The 30th Meridian;  From Cairo to St. Petersburg With Love (2012)

Oy Yeah! (2010)

Jason Anick-

United (2017)

Tipping Point (2014)

Brian Friedland-

Household Items: New and Improved Items (2015)

Rhombus (2010)

Jose Soto-

The Ancestral Call (2022)

Minne Jordan-

What Larks (2021)


Max O'Rourke-

Disquiet (2017)

Steven Kirby-

Illuminations (2016)

Jason Anick & Jason Yeager-

United (2016)

Dan Masterson-

Atlas (2015)

Learn To Live (2014)

Mark Shilansky-

Fuge Mill (2014)



    Air Traffic Controller (2014)

Britt Connors and Bourbon Renewal-

Warmer Season (2014)

Longitude (2020)


    Room for Space (2014)

Mark Shilansky-

Fugue Mill (2014)


Old Soldiers-

    Soon is a Long, Long Time (2014)


Plamen Karadonev and Elena Koleva-

Beyond Hope (2014)


Sonic Explorers-

American Gypsy (2013)

Lefteris Kordis-

Oh, Raven, If You Only Had Brains! ...songs for Aesop’s fables (2012)

David Thorne Scott-

Hopeful Romantic (2012)


Yoko Miwa-

Live at Sculllers (2011)

Fadeless Flower (2004)


Phil Sargent-

A New Day (2010)

The Rex Complex-

A Delicious Victory (2010)


Characteristic Pitches (featuring Robin Eubanks)-

Multitude (2010)


as a sideman

(selected recordings)

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