Greg Loughman's recordings

Here’s a partial list of recordings I’ve had the pleasure of playing on. Enjoy!

As a leader:

    Lowman - Garden of Rainbows (2014)

    Roving Soul - Bootleg Baklava (2011)

    Sinistral (2008)

    Iskar (2006)

    A Month of Sundays (2000)

As a sideman:

Mark Shilansky-

    Fuge Mill (2014)


    Air Traffic Controller (2014)

Rhythm Future Quartet-

    epon. (2014)

Britt Connors and Bourbon Renewal-

    Warmer Season (2014)


    Room for Space (2014)

Old Soldiers-

    Soon is a Long, Long Time (2014)

Plamen Karadonev and Elena Koleva-

    Beyond Hope (2014)

Jason Anick-

    Tipping Point (2014)

John Funkhouser-

    Still (2013)

    Time (2009)


Sonic Explorers-

    American Gypsy (2013)


    The 30th Meridian;  From Cairo to St. Petersburg With Love (2012)

    Oy Yeah! (2010)

Lefteris Kordis-

    Oh, Raven, If You Only Had Brains! ...songs for Aesop’s fables (2012)

Yoko Miwa trio-

    Live at Sculllers (2011)

    Fadeless Flower (2004)

Claire Dickson-

    Scattin’ Doll (2011)

The Rex Complex-

    A Delicious Victory (2010)

Phil Sargent-

    A New Day (2010)

Brian Friedland-

    Rhombus (2010)

Characteristic Pitches (featuring Robin Eubanks)-

    Multitude (2010)

Josh Lederman & the CSARS-

    Seven Years A Roaming (2008)

Mike DiBari-

    Standards (2007)

    Music of the Spheres (2007)

    Rotary Ahead (2003)

Jonathan Lorentz-

    Coming Home (2005)

Daniel Kelly-

    World (2003)