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     Hi there, and thanks for visiting me at!

     I'm a freelance acoustic and electric bassist in the Boston area.  For more detailed information about myself, I invite you to check out my bio. In addition to being the leader of my own groups (the indie rock group Lowman a well as my jazz trio, Sinistral), I co-lead the groups Roving Soul and ManOnLand, and play in the John Funkhouser trio, the Rhythm Future Quartet, Klezwoods, Britt Connors & Bourbon Renewal, the Sonic Explorers, and many others. If you'd like to catch me 'in flagrante musicto,' so to speak, please check out my schedule to find out where and when I'll be showing up next.

     Have fun clicking around the site, and feel free to contact me to say hi, or to hire me for a gig... or a concert... or a world tour...


“Emphatically lyrical”

Scott Albin, JazzTimes, 2011 (review of Yoko Miwa’s CD, Live at Scullers)

"Loughman plays arco con brio on "Ellipse" with sublime authority. His pizzicato playing—especially on "Green Dolphin Street"—is superb too”

Raul d’Gama Rose,, 2009 (review of John Funkhouser's CD, Time)

"Loughman delivers not only the bass foundation for the pieces rhythms, but also over and over again intriguing, melodic, cleanly stated solos. If [he wasn't] teaching in Augusta, Maine... [he] no doubt would be continuing to develop a solid reputation in New York.”

-Bill Donaldson, Cadence Magazine, 2011 (review of John Funkhouser's CD, Time)

"just the right amount of looseness and precision from the loping gait of the opener, "Northwest Passage," to the brooding title track with its wide dynamic range. Most attractive piece here has to be the ballad, "Ricany," whose theme mainly consists of a repeated motif delicately rendered by Aho over a gentle flow from the rhythm section. Quite nice. Everything here is rendered with an eye on the composition and with a strong sense of trio interplay. Sinistral is a solid mainstream modern piano trio date."

-Robert Iannapollo, Cadence Magazine, 2009 (review of Greg Loughman’s trio CD, Sinistral)

“Young mainstream piano trio aim for clean sound, delicate balance, inconspicuous beauty.”

-Tom Hull, the Village Voice, 2005 (review of Yoko Miwa’s CD, Fadeless Flower)

“Loughman swings with something close to nonchalance... but can equally arrest the listener’s attention with his deeply resonant soloing.”

-Paul Donnelly, jazz critic, ejazz news  2004  (review of Yoko Miwa’s CD, Fadeless Flower)

“Greg Loughman is a fine bassist and composer. His bass tone is warm and woody...[and he] provide[s] virtuosic playing in service to the fundamental groove of each tune. Run out and by this won’t regret it."

-David Horgan, Lively Times, 2001 (review of Greg Loughman/s CD, A Month of Sundays)  

“if you're looking to relax to a well-crafted Latin-jazz album, this is definitely worth checking out.”

-Don Zulaica, jazz critic, Alternate Music Press 2001 (review of Greg Loughman/s CD, A Month of Sundays)  



I had an excellent summer, hope you did too! Wonderful weather here in Boston, looking forward to a beautiful New England Fall. I’m psyched that some projects I’ve played on have become officially available in the past few months, including the debut album of the Rhythm Future Quartet, Warmer Season by Britt Connors and Bourbon Renewal,    Soon is a Long, Long Time by Old Soldiers, Beyond Hope by Plamen Karadonev and Elena Koleva and Room for Space  by Skyfoot.

    Thanks to everyone who allowed me to play bass on your music, as a friend pointed out to me the other day, it’s an honor to be asked to perform someone else’s music, to be invited into the process of realizing their vision. It’s something I take seriously and am always humbled and honored to do so.

Anyway, that’s all for now, talk to you soon, please feel free to be in touch and/or I hope to see you at a show!


bassist / composer / educator / bandleader

photo by Andy Cambria